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Instructor: LTC John M. Walker & CSM Herbert Hollingsworth   
This course is designed and taught with many goals in mind, including but not limited to: motivating young people to be better citizens while learning to appreciate the ethical values and principles that underline good citizenship; developing leadership potential while living and working together with others; being able to think logically and to communicate effectively with others, both orally and in writing; appreciating the importance of physical fitness in maintaining good health; understanding the importance of high school graduation and continued education for a successful future; and developing mental management abilities.  While JROTC teaches military-style discipline, cadets ARE NOT actively recruited to the military; there is NO combat training; and CADETS HAVE NO MILITARY OBLIGATION!
Cadet LTC Davis Walker Assumes Command
Cadet Davis Walker was promoted to cadet Lieutenant Colonel and took the reins of the Wildcat Battalion from cadet Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Harper in a Change of Command Ceremony 16 May at the DeKalb Theater. The outgoing cadet Command Sergeant Major, Chris Gulas, relinquished his authority to newly promoted cadet Command Sergeant Major Sabrina Collazo.
Annual Awards Night Held 16 May
The Annual Awards Night was rather special this year. The ceremony was held at the DeKalb Theater and there were over 15 national-level awards presented. Local organizations on-hand to present awards included Sons of the American Revolution, Daughters of the American Revolution, United States Daughters of the War of 1812, Sons of Confederate Veterans, the Military Order of World Wars, the Military Order of the Purple Heart, and the Veterans of World Wars, Association of the United States Army, US Army Recruiting Command, Celebrate Freedom Foundation, Military Pilots Association of the Daedalians, Scotts Rites of Freemasonry, and the National Sojourners.
Cadets at Bridgeport, AL
The Wildcat Battalion enjoyed a field trip to the Siege of Bridgeport Civil War Reenactment on Friday 21 March. It was an opportunity for the cadets to experience a little "living history." Getting out of class the Friday before the start of spring break was just an added incentive for fun.
Cadets Perform Well at Drill Competetion
Although there were no trophies brought home by the color guard and drill teams, there was a lot of experience gained and fun to be had by the participating cadets. Kudos to SFC Sabrina Collazo for here leadership to the dill team and to PFC Micah Roberts in learning all the color guard commands for the competition. Well done cadets!
Rifle Team Ends Record Season
The Wildcat Battalion Rifle Team finished its regular season with wins over Albertville, Athens, and Lyman Ward. New shooter Haley Tooley was impressive firing personal bests of 251 and 253 rivaling top shooter Davis Walker's best scores. Sabrina Collazo, Colt Locklear, Nathan Long, and Rae Anne Highsmith all contributed to the wins. Aaron Gomez, Jessica Gray, and Robert Baker competed in JV. The varsity record stands at 35 wins and 3 losses. JV finished 9 and 1. Two 4-shooter teams will compete at the North Alabama Civilian Marksmanship Program Championships in Anniston on 12 April.
Drill and Color Guard Teams to Compete
Unarmed regulation drill and Color Guard teams will compete in Huntsville on Saturday, 15 March. This will be the first competition for these newly developed teams. All cadets have been actively participating in drill practice during school.
Another New Team High Score!
The Wildcat Battalion rifle team placed three more in the win column with victories over Hazel Green, Athens, and Anniston. The varsity shooters fired another new team high score of 993. Davis Walker led the team with a 259. Newcomer Haley Tooley became the latest cadet to earn the Expert Marksmanship Badge with an impressive 248 in only her second team match. Colt Locklear shot a 244 and Sabrina Collazo added 242 to the win. The JV shooters also fired a new team high score of 877 in their win over Athens. Nathan Long was top shooter with a 241. Rae Ann Highsmith fired a 232 and Robert Baker scored 214. Jessica Gray contributed a personal best of 190 in her first team competition
Rifle Team Posts New Team High Score
"The JROTC Wildcat Battalion Rifle team opened the second half of the season with a bang. The team added three wins defeating Austin, Ramsey, and Madison County and bringing the match record to 15 and 3. A number of personal best records were set this month in the win over Ramsey including a team high score of 991. Davis Walker led the varsity shooters with his personal best of 262. Nathan Long fired his personal best in the kneeling position and finished with 250. Robert Baker fired his best scores in standing and kneeling for a total personal best of 246, and Rae Ann Highsmith scored her personal best in the prone and added 233 total points. Colt Lockelar led the JV with a 222 and Johnny Cach was second firing 215. New shooters Aaron Gomez and Christian Land posted their first record scores adding 166 and 142, respectively, to the win."
Rifle Team Match Scores for 20 Dec
"The JROTC Wildcat Battalion Rifle team added two more to the win column with the varsity defeating Lawrence County 968 to 855 and the JV besting Austin 850 to 622. The varsity shooters were led by Sabrina Collozo and Davis Walker who tied for first place shooting 249 each, Colt Lockelar fired 242, and Nathan Long added 228. Shooting for the JV, Robert Baker fired 220, Rae Anne Highsmith scored 219, Cheyenne Wilks added 217, and Johnny Cach shot 194. With these two victories, the current rifle team record moves to 11 wins and 3 losses for the first half of the season."
JROTC Featured in WILDCAT Online Newspaper
The second volume of the online Wildcat Newspaper included a feature on JROTC. Several of our cadets were interviewed and a number of photos posted.
Rifle Team 16 Dec Match Scores Posted
"The JROTC Wildcat Battalion Rifles posted another excellent score of 957. Unfortunately, it was not quite enough to overcome the 983 points posted by Buckhorn and resulted in the team's first loss of the season. Our record is now 12 and 1 half-way through a year-long season. Nathan Long was top shooter with 257, Davis Walker fired 244, Robert Baker scored 231, and Sabrina Collazo contributed 225 points. Fine shooting Wildcat Battalion."
JROTC Holds Awards Ceremony
Friday evening, 6 December, the Wildcat Battalion held a promotion and awards ceremony. A number of cadets were promoted to positions of higher rank and responsibility and the cadets were presented the awards they had earned during the fall semester.
Rifle Team Scores Another Win
The Wildcat Battalion Rifle Team put another game in the win column.  Davis Walker lead the team with  a personal best score in kneeling of 86 points and a personal best total score of 259.  Colt Locklear scored personal best in both prone and kneeling with scores of 93 and 79 respectively and a total score of 229.  Nathan Long was just edged out of second place by one point firing a 228.  Sabrina Collazo rounded out the top four shooters by shooting a 221 and adding her total to the team score of 937.  We defeated Vincent Varsity by 27 points and of the 12 member Northeast Alabama Rifle League schools, only Ramsey HS Varsity shot better than us by 8 points firing a 945 team score.  Overall, an outstanding effort by the Rifle Team!  Well done Cadets.
Color Guard Support Home Football Games
The Wildcat Battalion Color Guard presents the colors at all home football games. These cadets are very professional, well trained, and dedicated to accomplishing their mission.
Cadets Enjoy Fall Weather
Rifle PT outdoors was the order of the day. Cadets enjoyed the physical activity and learned to march with the rifle.
Cadets Attend Flag Retirement Ceremony
Cadets joined with the local Marine Corps League in honoring worn and faded US flags as they were formally retired by burning.
Rifle Team Sets New Team Record
The Fort Payne Wildcat Rifle Team is off to a great start for their season setting the bar very high in their first match versus Vincent.  The 4-shooter team score was a new record high of 943 beating last years' team high score by 37 points.  Colt Locklear led the team shooting his personal best in all three positions, prone, standing, and kneeling for a total of 248.  Davis Walker was second firing a total of 244.  Sabrina Collazo was next with a 237 total and a personal best of 81 in the kneeling position.  Nathan Long fired a 214 with a personal best of 85 in the kneeling position.
Home Football Game Parking and Color Guard
Our cadets have excelled in providing professional parking assistance and a color guard team for the home football games this season.  A large number of cadets have participated and earned their parking ribbons.  The color guard looks very sharp in their new uniforms and white helmets and belts as they present the colors for the playing of the National Anthem.   A hearty well done to all who have helped out!
VFW Fall Fair Parking
JROTC Cadets represented FPHS very well during the VFW DeKalb County Fall Fair.  A large number of our cadets earned their parking ribbons to wear on their new Army Service Uniforms.  Special thanks to those cadets who gave up several hours of their weekend on Saturday to help out.  Well done cadets!
Parent Involvement Night
CSM Hollingsworth and I will host all current and prospective JROTC cadet parents, family, and friends at a parent involvement night, Monday, 16 September from  5 to 6 pm, in the JROTC Room, Building 3.  We will be discussing changes to our program, teams, events calendar, our immediate goals, goals for the future, and ways to get more involved as a JROTC parent or guardian.  We will also have the area representative of the United States Naval Academy, Lieutenant Commander Glenn Smith, available to answer questions about the US military academies.

CMP Range Day
47 cadets participated in a field trip to the Civilian marksmanship Program (CMP) Range at Anniston for air rifle marksmanship qualifications.  There were 2 expert, 12 sharpshooter, and 7 marksman marksmanship badges earned.  Qualification scores for Marksman are 110-129 points firing 10 shots prone and 10 shots standing.  For Sharpshooter, the qualification scores are 130-200 points firing 10 shots prone and 10 shots standing.  Expert qualification required a score of 230-300 firing 10 prone, 10 standing, and 10 kneeling shots.  Top five shooters were Sabrina Collazo (245), Davis Walker (240), Gage Pack (225), Colt Locklear (221), and Tyler Leverett (216).  There are 5 precision-class team slots and 14 sporter-class team slots available on the rifle team.  Invitations to the team will be made next week.

Color Guard Photos
The Color Guard looked fantastic in their blue uniforms for the football program photos.  Thanks to the cadets for showing up on a fine summer day for the pictures.
Precision Rifle Team Practice
Current and potential team members, we have a lot to do in prepration for this next season.   We will form a 5 member (4 shooters and 1 standby) Precision Rifle Team this season.  Intent is to fire in JROTC Postal Matches this fall to qualifiy for Nationals in February.  There will be a minimum four day a week and some two-a-day practices scheduled.  Only the highly motivated, super dedicated, an intensely focused shooters will make this team. Qualifications will be held at the CMP Range in Anniston on the 28th of August.  The range is open every Tuesday and Thursday from 0900 until 1400 from now until the beginning of school.  If you intend to make this team, you might want to come in and shoot some this summer.
Rifle Team Practice
The Rifle team prepares for a run at the JROTC national title this season by having open practice sessions every Tuesday and Thursday through the summer.  There is plenty of rust on the old shooters that needs to be knocked off in preparation for the fall.  ALL cadets will participate in Unit 7, Marksmanship, when school starts back.  We are planning on a trip to the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) range in Anniston, AL around the 28th of August.  All cadets will fire on the electronic scored range and will have a chance to earn the JROTC cadet marksmanship medals.
Color Guard Supports Local Church
The Color Guard enjoyed a special meal and participated in a patriotic service at the Methodist Church in Skirum near Crossville.  The homemade food was fantastic, the fellowship was fun, and the singing was inspiring.  Afterwards the cadets were invited to enjoy a huge fireworks display.  The cadets and cadre were highly complemented by a very appreciative and friendly congegration.  Thanks to Cadets Traffenstadt, Berry, Traylor, and Walker for making this event special.
JCLC 2013 Summer Camp Success
JCLC Summer Camp at Fort McClellan was a  complete success.  Nine cadets represented Fort Payne High School among the 250 cadets from across the state of Alabama exceptionally well.  There were a large number of medallions won  by our cadets for enthusiasm, hard work, leadership, and athletic ability.  The best complement I received concerning our cadets was that they were all polite, respectful, and always willing to tackle any task or request made of them with a cheerful attitude.  Well done Wildcat Battalion cadets!
JROTC Cadets at the Aquarium
With Alabama Splash Adventure Park closed, the Corps of Cadets adapted and enjoyed a relaxing day in Chattanooga at the Tennessee Aquarium and IMAX Theater Saturday, 18 May, for the battalion enhancement trip.  Plenty of camaraderie and building of esprit d' corps as the group experienced both fresh water and ocean animals.  We had a few wild orangutans of our own following the IMAX feature "Born to Be Wild."  
JSU Gamecock Challenge
Wildcat Battalion academic, color guard, drill, raiders, and rifle teams met early Saturday morning to head out to Jacksonville State University and participate in the JROTC Gamecock Challenge event.  The event was well organized and the competition was fierce among the five schools participating in the activities.  FPHS brought home a second place athletics and third place in academics, rifle, and color guard.  Kim Wright was honored as the top female athlete in the competition.  Well done competitor.
JROTC Awards Night
The cadets were honored at the JROTC Awards Night on Friday, 10 May in the JROTC Classroom.  Such a large number of family and friends showed up to lend their support that the ceremony had to be delayed a few minutes to provide the needed extra seating!  Sons of Confederate Veterans, the superintendent, and the principal were on hand to help in the presentation of the top awards.  We are very proud of our cadets who collectively earned 3 awards, 9 medallions, 12 marksmanship badges, 25 trophies, and 190 ribbons.
Cadets Park Cars for Nick Saban Night
A number of cadets were asked by the Mayor of Fort Payne to support Nick Saban Night at the Wills Valley Recreation Center by parking cars for the event. The cadets looked good in their ACUs and help fill the parking lot in a professional manner.  The mayor was pleased by our support and sent us a letter of thanks which was read to all of the cadets.

JROTC Picinic and Ropes Course
The cadets enjoyed a day off from classes to build esprit d'corps, teamwork, and unit cohesion during their annual picnic and ropes course organizational day.  The high ropes zip line was a favorite activity and almost all of the cadets took a turn at facing their fears and climbing to the top of 32' platform for a thrilling slide down the course.  Afterward they enjoyed the low ropes course, football, Frisbee, guitars, and of course, hot dogs and hamburgers.  It was a relaxing and enjoyable day for all.
JROTC Supports Race to Embrace
The cadet Color Guard and battalion marche in support of the annual Race to Embrace event down on the Wildcate Stadium track.  The event was well attended and the battalion looked really good.

Service Learning Project Planning
The Corps of Cadets are involved in a battalion-wide Service Learning Project.  The cadets are working on providing anit-bullying classes and demonstrations to middle school and elementary school students.  Planning and coordination with the school principals continues, but tentative dates have been selected and approved.  This project is an important element of the JROTC program as it helps the cadets learn about the importance of teamwork, coordination, planning and dedication to helping serve the community.  Work hard cadets! There is much to do and to learn! 
NRA State Championship Results
The Fort Payne High School Rifle Team competed in the NRA State Championship Match at the Civilian Marksmanship Program Range at Anniston, Alabama on Saturday, 6 April.  Two teams of 4 shooters competed against some of the best teams in the state of Alabama at the 80-firing point, state-of-the-art, electronic scoring range.  Despite the pressures of a large competition and an unfamiliar scoring system, our shooters performed exceptionally well.  Davis Walker was the top shooter firing  478 *8 (237).  Rober Baker fired his personal best with a score of 448 *11 (224).  Jazz Hazelton was third with a 440 *5 (220) and Dakota Berry scored 419 *4 (210).  Jacy Ikerd fired 396 *4 (198), Nathan Long scored 393 *5 (197), Gage Pack fired a 391 *5 (196), and Seth Bryant scored 369 *4 (185).  The varisty team came up short with a team score of only 840, but the JV team exceeded expectations with a team score of  827.  Congratulations  to all of our shooters.  Well done.
NRA State Championship Rifle Match Prep
On 6 April, the Rifle Team top shooters will compete at the NRA State Championships at the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Range, Anniston, AL.  In preparation, the shooters have demonstrated high score potentials. Firing 20 rounds in each position, Davis Walker fired 246; Jazz Hazelton & Nathan Long scored 222; Seth Bryant fired 221;  Dakota Berry scored 219; Jacy Ikerd,  Sabrina Collazo & Robert Baker all fired 201.  These scores yield a Varisity Team High Score of 911 and a JV Team Score of 822.  Best of luck tomorrow Rifle Team!
JROTC Experiences Hands-on History
The Corps of Cadets took a field trip on Friday, 22 March back in time to 1863 and the US Civil War.  The cadets attended school day at the Siege of Bridgeport Civil War Reenactment.  There were talks and demonstrations on infantry, period drill and ceremonies, artillery, flags of the period, and an opportunity to sample homemade rootbeer and hardtack.  A few of the cadets actually had a chance to take the field as Civil War Soldiers on Saturday and Sunday
Middle School JROTC Teams Day
Representative from each of the JROTC teams spent the day at the middle school gym demonstrating and explaining the competitive teams to 7th and 8th grade students.  The mission was to encourage rising 8th graders to JROTC participation and to build excitement about our teams.  The programs was very well done and the visitors went away with a good understanding of our program.

Fort Payne JROTC cadets in the news
JROTC female cadets have made the front page of the local newspaper twice this year.  Well done ladies
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